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Asi Yossi Yosef Peretz the 3rd, AKA Dj Asi-C;

Is a DJ | Producer | Turntablist & Music Entrepreneur - One of the Most Eclectic & Unique dj’s in Israel.

Winner of the Pioneer Digital Dj Battle (2012) in Israel, 1st Runner up at the Asia’s finals and a winner of the “Shigola records” national Dj battle (2019).

Co-founder of KASETA DJs, a leading music company for boutique events.


Asi-C is a performer with an intense passion and contagious energy that brings to the table a diverse- eclectic style, like Trap, Hip-Hop, Funk, Bass, Glitch & much more. On stage he balances between the acoustic and the electronic, carefully weaves between different genres, rhythms and decades, and adds in advanced turntable techniques including mixing, scratching, live performing, and self-produced, original remixes.


Over the years, Asi-C has traveled the world preforming in Clubs & Festivals, and

Collaborating with diverse artists such as Cafe Sahor Hazak, Tipex, Harel Skaat, Nechi Nech, Tikva 6 and more.  Also in 2016 he was chosen to be the open-up Show for the rapper Juicy-J in NYC.


Building a unique musical journey, while closely reading the room and adapting to the needs and energy of the crowd.


The stage is his canvas, the music is his story and the people are his muse.


Dj Asi C
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